Dear Seeker,

I am a quiet person who likes to read, garden, meditate, and do many other one person activities. It has not been hard for me to shelter down. My only “outings” have been real estate activities, and I usually add shopping for food to those trips, since I am already out of the house. I plan on staying at home for longer, not feeling the Rush to reenter fully. I will visit with friends in small groups for now. That will feel like a luxury. I am so grateful for the health care workers and other essential workers, on the front lines in our cities globally. My heart goes out to them, and to their families for the incredible sacrifices that they have made for all of us. I am enjoying how green and lush all is from the recent rain and lack of pollution. Everything is so alive. My Zooming with friends socially continues. I am looking forward to my Happy Hour Zoom with my political friends tonight. Next week my Zoom Real Estate group is meeting at a park for our happy hour, bringing our own snacks, beverages, and chairs, with social distancing. We are planning our first winery excursion for the end of June when the wineries reopen. I am avoiding meat from the USA, unless it is from a local farmer. Fresh caught fish and vegetables is my new almost daily menu. I am cleaning out my freezer from all food stored from before CoVid. I look at the meat in the stores, and think of the 600 employees in One Tyson plant that have CoVid, or I think of the Smithfield plants where an inspector died, and so many employees are sick. No Thank You to meat at this time, and I feel it will be limited in my diet forevermore.
Many of you know that my original plan was to put my house on the market early spring. I had rented a two bedroom furnished house in St. Pete, Florida, for May, June and July. I was doing an estate sale, and Letting All Go. All Changed with CoVid. I have sheltered down in my home, being grateful, and going through 25 years of “stuff”, business, and personal. My new plan is to have the house on the market by early June, moving in with a
friend in St. Louis after the sale of the home. I Know that I am making the right decision in releasing my home. It was perfect for raising my three children, but it is so much more than what I want at this point in my life. I want life to be very simple. Less is More. I am renting a storage locker for $1200 for one year. I will put my real estate files there, and other special things, until I decide my next steps on this wonderful journey.
During this time of sheltering, the Spirit Seeker website has been re-designed. The Cynde Meyer web site is next. I have released 25 years of personal and business belongings. It has been a process. The estate sale is next, after I have a contract on my home, and am through the building inspections. This is Liberating and Feels So Right. I get scared at times, but then envision traveling through life very lightly, and I then feel a calm certainty.
Enjoy this beginning of Summer. Enjoy the smell and beauty of the flowers.