The Gift of Karma

The Gift of Karma

Reincarnation is a subject that has been discussed since the beginning of recorded history. In my new book entitled A Soul’s Journey, I go into extensive research regarding how the karmic schema plays out in the reincarnation system. In charting the myriad of lifetimes, I experienced, I was able to analyze how the different lifetimes complemented or opposed each other. Lessons learned is one lifetime are applied to another and so on. No experience is realized in a vacuum, each lifetime is like part of a bead in a string of pearls, lining up to create a magnificent necklace. Each life is a lesson learned that influences every other life to bring each of us back to a state of wholeness.
We live in a three-dimensional reality of cause and effect. Every thought, word, and action we have or take has a consequence. Yes, we have free will, mainly because we determine the choices we make, no one else. You could say that other people can influence our decisions but ultimately, we create the outcome. Pointing the finger at your mother or father, saying you beat your child because they beat you, maybe true, but on the highest evolutionary reality, those events happened so you could correct a wrong and learn from it.
When we die, we experience a life review. In this review, there is no blame, no pointing fingers. There is no judge or jury. You are shown these experiences so you can see the choices you made. This will determine whether you have learned your lesson and can move on. We are at an important juncture in our evolutionary process, not just individually, but the planet itself is also going through a shift from a third- density to a fourth-density reality, as evidenced by this global pandemic. We are all in this together. In the fourth density, there is no hate, no fear, no war, or disease. You cannot enter a fourth-density plane with lower-density emotions or thoughts. Therefore, it is incredibly important to learn these lessons of the karmic transmigration so we can all move on to a higher dimension. Let us look at my previous example of the mistreated child. In a life review you may find that you beat someone in a previous life and now must experience how that felt to learn the experience. This is karma.
I prove this premise in my book, presenting charts that show how one lifetime balances out another. The brilliance of this system is that no one ever dies, and energy cannot be destroyed: it merely transforms from one form to another. The body is but a temporal respite for the soul. When you drop one body, you then pick up another, but your soul moves into its new environment with all the knowledge that has gone on before.
The only reason we reincarnate is to resolve issues from the past. This lifetime is a gift, and the goal is to learn how to love each other. When you begin to understand that we have all been rich and poor, male and female, every creed and nationality, that we’ve fought wars, won and lost, that we have experienced living and dying, then what’s left? Only forgiveness, understanding, and compassion. I end this article with an excerpt from my book A Soul’s Journey. It is the story of a slave boy who stole from his master.
“Please don’t shut me out!” I begged. “I have learned that the truth is the only thing that can truly set me free, and I want to prove to you that I can be trustworthy. I have been chained so long by my own deceit that I have been ashamed to ask you for forgiveness. I was blinded by my own longings and wants and lied for my own benefit. I would rather have your forgiveness than anything else in the world, more than money or freedom, if you could find it in your heart to accept me. I will work extremely hard to fight for the truth in all things and never lower myself again to tell an easy lie for personal gain. I will stand my ground and tell the truth if you will release me from this bondage.” The master said, “I did curse you, but I have not kept you in bondage; rather, your own guilt has kept you there. If you can forgive yourself for what you have done, you will regain your dignity and be able to stand up for what is righteous. I will not oppose you. You have learned a valuable lesson.” The angels came to cleanse the boy of his guilt and help restore his dignity. I asked the master, “Who are you?” “I am your conscience,” the master replied.
G C De Pietro, Past Life Regression Specialist

About the Author
As far back as G. C. De Pietro can recall creativity has been her healer, her solace, her friend, and joy. Born prematurely and later diagnosed with a life-threatening childhood disease, De Pietro spent much of her early youth in hospitals. After surviving several near death experiences she knew she would commit her life to helping others. She attended New York’s School of Visual Arts, and afterwards worked professionally as a textile designer in New York City.
De Pietro returned to school in 2000 to get her master’s degree in Art Therapy. De Pietro felt that there was too much unresolved trauma in the world, and she wanted to give back, she realized the best way to do that was through the creative process. Thus, she wrote a book about her involvement with these children called Abandoned which tells the story of boys forgotten and how the art therapy process helped them heal.
Looking for answers as to why this sort of thing had to happen to so many young unsuspecting children, she began to investigate karmic patterns. That is when she was introduced to Roger Woolger, Ph.D, a graduate of Oxford University and a Jungian analyst. It was while studying with Dr. Woolger that Ms. DePietro understood how the wheel of karma teaches us the lessons we need to learn in the here and now. After studying for 5 years with Dr. Woolger, Ms. De Pietro became a certified Past Life Regression Specialist. She now combines Art Therapy with Past Life Regression Therapy to make a unique contribution to the transpersonal psycho-therapeutic community. She has a new book called A Soul’s Journey which is the story of traveling through time to find the truth.

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