Visionary I Ching Card Deck

Visionary I Ching Card Deck

Hillsboro, Oregon: Author of Intuitive Intelligence and inventor of the world’s largest astrology and divination e-commerce business, Paul O’Brien welcomes another transformative teaching tool into his enlightened divination collection. Updated from the ancient Chinese oracle, the Visionary I Ching Cards provide us with timeless pieces of wisdom, answers to life’s daily questions, and stimulations and insights for strengthening the conscious (and subconscious!) mind.
The Visionary I Ching Cards enlivens the principle of the Tao, which is the universal flow of all things. Serving as a guidebook, the deck comes equipped with helpful tools for the beginner looking to make a deeper connection, insights on what best approach to take, and gorgeous artwork to lead you along the way. Tap into your patience, youth, creative power, and more with this 64-card deck.
Be receptive, read between the lines,
and allow connections to become clear.

About the Author
Paul O’Brien is an entrepreneurial strategist, philosopher, and raconteur who invented divination software and created the world’s largest astrology and divination e-commerce business, He is a sought-after advisor, interview subject, and speaker, as well as author of The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for the 21st Century and the Visionary I Ching app for smartphones. Executive director of the Divination Foundation (, for 30 years Paul has hosted Pathways radio in Portland, Oregon, an interview program focused on personal and cultural transformation (podcasts at and iTunes).
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