Dear Seeker this Month

Dear Seeker this Month

Dear Seeker,

As 2020 comes to a close, I give thanks for the blessings of this last year. Yes, there were, and still are, many challenges. However, when I look back at the year, I see many blessings. One blessing is that I released my home of 25 plus years. I sold four bedrooms of furniture, as well as almost all other furniture, only keeping a few antiques and treasured pieces. It was a cathartic release of more than just “things”. Objects have energy. I sold  almost all items out of my front door, during a pandemic. I give thanks to Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List, and Free Cycle, for what they offer to us all for free. Many of the people who bought items, repurposed them and sent me photos. How sweet is that? Seeing the lanterns that once lit my gardens, now painted black and hanging in a home gym was one of the most amazing transformations.

One of my intentions for 2021 is to release even more of what I kept from the sale of my home. I ran out of time to go through all of the boxes of records for my businesses, before I moved. January, February and March 2021 are my months for purging, organizing, and putting new systems in place. I just hired a new virtual assistant, and am looking forward to this support. The last full moon of 2020, asked us to fi nd a balance between Work/Career, and Home/Nurturing of self and family.
Balance is always changing. I once interviewed author Wayne Dyer after he wrote a book on balance. He said “there really is no balance. If all were balanced it would be still, with no movement. He said that the trick to balance, is that sometimes we are out in the world more, followed by going inside, away from the world. It is a constant balancing act”. He also said “There’s no such thing as stress; there are only people thinking stressful thoughts.” I totally agree with his wisdom.

Spirit Seeker is making more changes in 2021. We will continue to expand our online readership, going even more green. We recently redesigned the Spirit Seeker Website,, making it more user friendly. At this time, we will still have a limited print edition in Chicago and St. Louis. We have been digital since 1998, and with the pandemic of 2020, many of the print readers switched to reading the digital version. It makes since to expand the digital edition. We have some amazing introductory advertising rates for the expanding digital only portion of the magazine. Please call or email for advertising information. I give thanks to the advertisers, who make this magazine possible for the readers.

January will be a month of intensity with politics, change, and the health and well being of our country. I pray that our country returns to health, and is willing to do what it takes to regain our health. Please stay safe, and follow the wisdom/advice from the experts. This massive global time out, has given us all time to refl ect, and to make changes, to create a life that is more balanced and happy. Spending this much time in our homes, has helped many people embrace a whole new way of living. Home remodeling updates, rearrangements, and in some cases selling or buying a new home, has happened. I will not ever forget the real estate clients that I have helped during the global CoVid Pandemic of 2020-2021. It is such an honor to be real estate agent at this time in history.

I give thanks for the wonderful holiday memories of 2020, and for all of the time that I have spent outdoors with family and friends. I am a heartier person from being outside with the elements so much this past year! May this new year ahead strengthen us, and soften our hearts to work more together with the world. We are all in this pandemic together, and together, we can turn this around, returning to vibrant health and wellness. Change is good, and I celebrate the changes.

Happy 2021!


Cynde Meyer

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