Dear Seeker this Month

Dear Seeker this Month

Dear Seeker,

Spring has arrived, and everything seems a bit lighter. I am walking at least five days a week, exploring different parks, and the neighborhood in which I live. I found a delicious Ramen restaurant that is on my new longer walking route. I am currently living one block from the Delmar Loop, and plan on making the loop, my end of walk destination more frequently, ordering take out from one of the many delicious ethnic restaurants. It is very nice to be this close to Forest Park, and so many other great locations. Many people do not realize that Forest Park in St. Louis, is larger than Central Park in New York.
This pandemic has been with us for over a year now, and the whole world has suffered. This massive “Time Out”, and loss of so many souls at one time, has effected people in different ways. My heart goes out to the families who have lost a loved one from the CoVid pandemic. I have deep gratitude for all of the front line workers who have helped keep our country together, during these difficult times. I hope that every health care worker realizes the important contribution that they have made for our country. These health care workers are heroes and heroines.
Enjoy the changing of the seasons, as all returns to life. I will be returning to doing readings at events, as long as it feels safe and right. I will be a psychic/medium and featured speaker at the upcoming Internal Spirit Fair in St. Louis at the end of April, and at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Tampa mid June. It has been over a year since I last participated in a public event. I have missed seeing my peers, and my clients.
I pray that our world continues to heal. Happy Spring. Take time to smell the flowers.


Cynde Meyer

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