Astrology for Mystics

Astrology for Mystics

Exploring the Occult Depths of the Water Houses in Your Natal Chart

From Chapter 5. The Signs on the Fourth House Cusp
Family, Home, Ancestors, and Suffering
The fourth house relates to Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac. The natural ruler of the fourth house is the moon. The fourth house is the house of home and family. It is the house of heritage and all things we hold dear. It represents our most authentic self. It shows who we are when the mask is completely removed, how we emote, and if we are at peace with ourselves.
This house contains information about what brings us a sense of emotional fulfillment and makes us feel protected and safe. The fourth house identifies how we define home literally in terms of your ideal environment, the area you’d like to live in, and the kind of home you’d like and figuratively in terms of our family values and what comforts us.
This house reveals a person’s spiritual foundation/religious instincts (conservative or eclectic). This house is so important because even if everything else in a person’s life is going well, they won’t be completely happy unless the circumstances of their lives are aligned with the qualities of the sign in their fourth house. The fourth house rules home so it can also speak of the connection we have to mother Earth herself.
Aries on the Fourth House Cusp
Your Emotional Well Being
People with Aries on the fourth house cusp may have grown up in a volatile domestic environment or a loud, crime-ridden neighborhood. Many people with this placement have borne witness to serious anger issues in the home, physical, and/or emotional abuse growing up.
Each imbalance here speaks of pain and hurt, and even abuse or anger deeply seeded in one’s family tree. As a result of witnessing and/or participating in constant battle you may be unnecessarily combative with others or lack compassion for whatever you perceive to be weak. In order to heal from this you will have to make a practice of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes before you dismiss their choices as cowardly or unchivalrous. Everyone doesn’t have the same code and they shouldn’t be expected to exist in the world as you do.
Channel all of your fire into physical exercise! Doing so will be of tremendous benefit as you get older and you will appear much younger than you are. Remain Active.
Your Spiritual Well-Being
It is imperative for you to be discerning about what you accept as spiritually/philosophically true. Aries is a fiery sign that has the tendency to charge ahead without reflecting on the implications or long term consequences of what they say or do. It’s perfectly fine to be a champion for truth and justice but just make sure whatever ideology you’re so passionate about is really in alignment with your core values.
Aries in the fourth house should also beware of selfishness by ensuring that whatever you are fighting for is for the greater good. You will grow spiritually from living your life in this manner by channeling all of your passion to transcend gross materialism.
Your Home
It’s very important for Aries in the fourth house to invest their energy into improving their homes. You will be very happy taking on a DIY project—it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not. In fact, it’s even better for you to venture outside of your comfort zone since Aries are not known to shy away from a challenge. Not only will a DIY project bring you a sense of satisfaction because you built something yourself but it could turn into a hobby or a new skill set to bring in extra money. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a lifelong love affair and give you something meaningful for you to do when you retire. Another perk is it can become a bonding opportunity for you and your family that doesn’t involve being sedentary.
It would be a great idea for you to display your accomplishments around your home. It will bring you a sense of pride and encourage you to keep achieving. Consider a color scheme for your home in bold, powerful colors and patterns. The red or orange family would be therapeutic for you and help you maintain a happy, upbeat energy. Objects and furniture should be unfussy and well organized.
Psychic Influence
Aries in the fourth house will not cling like grim death to traditional ideas, especially if they see flaws in the foundation of said ideas. As a result, they may be too quick to debunk or divorce themselves from their parental/ancestral ways or knowledge. While it’s great to be open to new ideas, make sure you give the mores and values you grew up with a chance. Make sure that you’re not abandoning lessons of real value just because you’re going through a phase or because it challenges you to think beyond a short term desire or goal. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!
The lineage of Aries in the fourth house people were most likely very strong willed people that believed in the family sticking together through thick and thin. They also believed in fighting for what they believe in, even if it means not fitting in and/or prolonged combat with others. These ideas were most likely passed down to you, which is why you should be clear about where you stand regarding life’s major questions. You also have inherited manifestation powers from your ancestors. If you’re not aware of this, you might be missing an opportunity to live a better life and acquire more of what you want.

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Tayannah Lee McQuillar is a tarot reader and researcher of religion, esoterica, and mysticism. The author of several books and divination decks, including The Hoodoo Tarot and The Sibyls Oraculum, she lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
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