The Four Stages of Space Clearing

The Four Stages of Space Clearing

Step 1 Preparation

When you cleanse and purify the energy in your home, it becomes a sanctuary—a retreat from the discord of the world, a place of refuge and protection. It becomes an anchoring point from which you venture out into the world as well as a welcoming abode for your return. A home that has been cleansed and blessed becomes somewhere you feel safe enough to be yourself, a place to embrace your joy and explore your pain. Space clearing can turn every inch of a home into a sanctuary of sacred space that nurtures the soul.
It’s important to note that there is no single “right” way to do a space clearing ceremony. It is your prerogative to customize your ceremonies with specific tools and techniques that are right for your needs.
The space clearing ceremonies and specific tools described in this book can be used in the context of the four stages of space clearing:
1. Preparation
2. Purification
3. Invocation
4. Preservation
When followed with care and love, these steps will bring balance into your home and life. They create a powerful integration of your outer life and your inner life.
Stage 1: Preparation
There are several steps that need to be taken well in advance of a space clearing and some that you will do on the day of. The following are a quick overview of the steps that you will take to prepare for a space clearing.
1 Clarify your intention: The first step is getting clear on your and the other participants’ intentions for the space clearing. Without this step, the space clearing is ineffective. Talk to the other members of the household (if there are any) about their intention for themselves and the home. Focus on the results you desire for the home, the other occupants, and yourself. Do this well in advance of when you plan to do the clearing, so you can have the proper tools ready.
2 Prepare the space: The most powerful space clearing occurs in a place that has been physically cleaned and cleared of clutter.
3 Check in with yourself: It is important that you feel emotionally balanced when space clearing. If you feel any apprehension or fear, you should postpone your clearing until you feel confident and relaxed. If you are pregnant or menstruating, you need to tune in to yourself to see if your energy is right for space clearing. A woman’s moon time and pregnancy are times when her energy naturally turns inward. When doing space clearing, you need to project energy outward.
4 Activate your intuition: On the morning of your clearing, meditate for a few minutes on the task before you. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and visualize the home space as joyous, shimmering, and light.
5 Protect yourself: From a spiritual perspective, there is nothing out there that isn’t you. That is, you are truly one with all things We are a part of all things and to the extent that you experience this, there is nothing that can harm you and there is no need for protection It is not uncommon when space clearing to enter this state, in which case you do not need protection.
However, there are occasions when it is essential to cloak your energy field so that you can be more effective in your space clearing. You should not hesitate to protect yourself if you feel the need. Specific techniques are included in Chapter 3.
6 Cleanse yourself: Before you purify and bless a dwelling, it is essential that you cleanse yourself If possible, bathe or shower before a clearing and wash your hair. If you can’t wash your hair, then at least stroke water over the top of your head. This traditional cleansing of the top of the head allows for an unclouded connection between you and Spirit.
7 Set up your tools and Blessing Altar: At the beginning of your ceremony, you can either arrange your space clearing tools and altar objects in silence, or you can say a blessing for each item.
8 Call for spiritual assistance: After you have arranged the Blessing Altar, take a moment to center your thoughts Then, either in your inner thoughts or aloud, open your heart and call for spiritual guidance. State your intention and ask for blessings for the home. The words you use are less important than your intent. Angels, spirit guides and guardians, ancestors, and totem allies will respond and send beneficial healing energy when prayers are sent straight from the heart
Excerpted with permission from Secrets of Space Clearing: Achieve Inner and Outer Harmony through Energy Work, Decluttering,Denise Linn(Hay House Inc., January 2021).

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