Energy Healing for Crippling Fear

Energy Healing for Crippling Fear

Energetic concepts and tools for defusing the subtle energy of fear that electrifies the air as we emerge from quarantine and face seething anger on the streets.
We have good reason to be scared during this time of a global pandemic and racial unrest. Fundamentally, we’re struck with unprecedented death, unemployment, social unease, uncertainty, and now riots and anarchy as the result of police brutality. Whatever your stance, who doesn’t feel a flood of fear, concern, and worry?
Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and the author of 27 books on energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality, shares her insights on how can we free ourselves from our fears so that we can emerge from these dual crises stronger and more certain of our true selves, as might a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

1 The benefits of healthy fear. Fear keeps us safe. It tells us we need to move—to back up, step forward, or shift to the right or the left. How can we respect our fear and make the right actions because of it?
• Technique 1: Finding and Following Your Healthy Fear
2 The dangers of unhealthy fear. What is unhealthy fear, and what can it lead to? There are two main causes of unhealthy fear:
a Absorption of others’ fears. Yes, we can actually absorb others’ fears through our subtle energy body and auric field. These fears often enter when we’re watching or reading the news or are in proximity to people who are frightened—like at the grocery store. Turning into a “fear sponge” can lead to paralysis or illogical outbursts.
• Technique 2: Releasing Others’ Fears
b Triggering of old fears. Current fears can stir up old traumas that lie deep inside of us. These traumas might relate to our own history but might also have been transferred into us by our parents or more ancient ancestors. We are surrounded by an energy field called a “miasm” that holds the fears of our lineage. When our own or our familial fears are tripped, we can easily become overwhelmed and panicky.
• Technique 3: Healing Your Old Fears
• Technique 4: Healing Ancestral Fears
3 Making Space for Change. Once you’ve dealt with your fears, learn how to connect with the center of your heart chakra to gain power and insight about the “butterfly self” waiting to emerge.

About the Author
Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant and the author of 27 books about energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. In addition, she has worked with over 70,000 clients and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops across the Americas and in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, Costa Rica, Belize, Morocco, Peru, Scotland, and more. She is also a favored teacher and healer for China, leading in-person and on-line classes, and has been published in over 17 languages.
Her books include The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, the winner of four internationally recognized Publisher’s Awards. Most recently, her titles include Energy Wellness for Your Pets (2019), Llewellyn’s Little Book of Empathy (2019), Awaken Clairvoyant Energy (2018); The Subtle Body Coloring Book, The Little Book of Chakras, and Subtle Energy Techniques (2017); and Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras, the largest compendium of chakra knowledge ever produced (2016). Overall, she seeks to unify the world’s most vital spiritual messages, encouraging understanding and community among all peoples.
Her next releases include Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Conditions (Llewellyn, July 2020) and Advanced Chakra Healing, a reissue of a popular book first printed fifteen years ago (Llewellyn, August 2021.) Co-written with Dana Childs, she is also writing a book about making food and health choices through the chakras, to be published in 2022 by St. Martin’s Press.
Cyndi graduated from the University of Minnesota summa cum laude with a degree in English and a minor in Philosophy. She has also worked toward a master’s degree in divinity at Bethel University and holds a fifth-degree Reiki certificate, the highest of distinctions in this healing arena.
Cyndi currently teaches a certificate-level program at Normandale College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, through which adult students earn an accredited certificate in Energy Medicine. As well, she teaches a year-long Apprenticeship Program through her own company, Essential Energy, assisting individuals with developing their natural intuitive and healing gifts. These courses are added to the dozens she teaches locally and worldwide in energy medicine and spiritual healing.

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