Twin Flame Series: Part 1 – Think You Know? Twin Flames: What is a Twin Flame Connection?

Part 1 – Think You Know? Twin Flames: What is a Twin Flame Connection?
There is much confusion and misinformation out there regarding twin flames and the twin flame connection. Even though there has been much romanticism revolving around the idea of twin flames, a twin flame is not the same as a soul mate or a high-level soul mate. A twin flame connection is not a “regular” relationship with “regular” mutual attraction.
In both connections, however, there is usually a feeling of immediately “knowing” one another. So sometimes it is easy to confuse the twin flame relationship with a soul mate or karmic relationship. And even though there is a soul contract between twin flames, a twin flame relationship is not necessarily a karmic connection. There’s an agreement, yes. But it’s not necessarily about clearing karmic debt. It’s usually about something much higher, including, but not limited to, helping each other reach the highest version of themselves in this lifetime, i.e. “ascension.” Simply put: Accelerated soul growth and healing, and in a way that no one else can possibly do for you or with you.
And, perhaps most importantly, we don’t necessarily end up together with our twin flame either. That is not the point of the twin flame connection. It’s just not.
The terms “soul mate” and “twin flame” are not interchangeable. They are two very different things. So, what is a twin flame then? A twin flame is a mirror soul. Unlike soul mates, where we have two separate souls who have a soul contract to meet in this lifetime, the twin flame is one soul, also, yes, with a soul contract to meet in this lifetime. Simplified, think of it like this: Soul mates are like two eggs and two sperm, like fraternal twins. Twin flames (one “embryo”), are like identical twins created from one egg and one sperm.
Does this mean you are the same person? No. Does this mean you are fated to be together? No. But, yes, you are eternally connected, and yes, you do have a mission with your twin flame. More on this later, but as I said, simplified, part of that mission is basically to raise each other’s vibrations, but as well, then, the vibration of collective consciousness.
And while you have an agreement, a contract, with a soul mate, you may not necessarily have a “mission” with them. And while we can meet many soul mates in this earthly incarnation, we only have ONE twin flame.
Actual twin flame connections are rather rare, however, this divinely orchestrated meeting between divine masculine and divine feminine energies is becoming more frequent these days. There are some very specific hallmarks of a twin flame connection. These can seem similar to a soul mate connection, hence some degree of confusion regarding soul mates and twin flames.
Let’s clarify:
• 1. Strange Meeting. You meet your twin flame in a strange, serendipitous way. You meet when you aren’t “trying” to meet. You aren’t looking for your twin. It just happens when it is supposed to happen, and in an odd or totally unexpected way. And there is usually instant, unspoken recognition on some level.
• 2. Age Difference. There is usually a big age difference. One party is usually significantly older/younger than the other. Even though it is usually the female energy that is chronologically older, think Bo and John Derek and you have the idea.
• 3. Telepathy. You notice an odd telepathic kind of connection with this person right from the start. You don’t seem to need words to communicate. As well, as time goes on, especially in periods of separation, you find yourself having entire conversations with this person “in your head.” You may feel as if you are making it up in your head, but this telepathic communication is really happening. You aren’t making it up. You and your twin are communicating.
• 4. Triggering. You trigger each other from the very beginning. So, you are essentially triggering each other – a person you don’t know – and you have trouble understanding why this is and why things feel so intense. You don’t “know” this person. So, you are mystified as to why they are eliciting feelings in you that you would rather stay buried and hidden.
• 5. Sadness When Apart. When you are apart from this person, you feel an intense degree of sadness, an almost overwhelming feeling of loss, and perhaps grief, that you cannot explain. It may seem disproportionate to the degree that you “know” this person or for the amount of time you’ve known them here in an earthbound way. This feeling of “loss” is almost immediate upon parting from this person, and you can’t explain it, not even to yourself.
• 6. You Feel Each Other. You can FEEL this person and they can feel you. This feeling is a feeling you FEEL somewhere in your physical body, not in your mind. This is best described as a “tingle,” “wave,” or energy vibration that you feel, usually in your root chakra, sometimes the solar plexus, sometimes the heart chakra, but most definitely this is a physical feeling in your physical body. This feeling is not telepathic. It’s a distinct physical feeling, energy frequency, and vibration in your body.
• 7. Previous Commitments. One of the parties is usually already involved in a karmic relationship, one in which they may have previously thought that was their “person,” their soul mate. This is usually a co-dependent relationship, and one your twin may not want to leave for a variety of reasons.
• 8. Absolute Knowing. You will absolutely know if you’re in a twin flame connection. You won’t need anyone to tell you or confirm that. And no, you aren’t crazy.
• 9. Sexual Chemistry. Your sexual connection or attraction is “off the charts.” Nothing compares. Nothing. You discover that you can send each other sexual energy quite easily and you see each other often in dreams or what we call the fifth dimension (5D).
• 10. Can’t Seem to Disconnect. You find it hard to get this person out of your head. You can move on with someone else, but it seems your twin’s energy is always there, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them or the idea of them.
• 11. Mild Obsession. One or both parties usually feel an “obsession” with each other. This is not obsession in an unhealthy way. It’s continual thoughts and feelings of the person that you can’t seem to make go away for some inexplicable reason or no matter how hard you try.
• 12. Denial. One or both parties are in denial of the connection and will run or try to make it go away, only to find that no matter how much they deny it, they can’t make it totally go away. It’s important to understand this is soul connection and it’s not going to go away. There’s an agreement to deal with it in some way.
• 13. Mirroring. Mirroring is a classic twin flame “symptom.” This can be a challenging concept to explain. You are mirror souls. Reflections, aspects of one another in soul form. There are multiple facets to “mirroring.” Perhaps the easiest and most basic way to explain it is that when you are sad or depressed, your twin can feel that, and it keeps both of you in a low vibration. When you are happy, getting on with things, doing your best, and keeping your own personal vibration high, your twin can feel that too and it lifts them up.
• 14. Running Away/Chasing. Because of the seemingly inexplicable intensity of the connection, one or both parties may get scared of their feelings (or their own idea of how they believe this connection is going to change their life). And sometimes quite very early on they run away from each other, hence, creating the classic periods of “separation” and running/chasing energy that is inherent in twin flame connections. There is no avoiding these separations. These are for purposes of healing. Much healing and growth for both of you takes place in these periods of silence. Instead of chasing, allow it to be so. Instead of running, examine your feelings. It’s important to understand, your person is not running from YOU and vice versa. They are running from themselves. Can a person really escape themselves? Let it be.
The twin flame connection can be confusing and painful. Do your research. Take in what feels like truth to you and leave the rest behind. Know that you aren’t crazy. Allow the journey to unfold. Allow your twin the time and space to do what they need to do. And it’s important that you focus not on them, not on the connection, but on yourself and your own healing. Focus on being the best version of yourself you can be. Focus on “union” within yourself and uniting your own inner yin and yang. And try not to make things harder than they need to be.

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