What is The Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange?

The Enhanced Networking Trade Exchange is a facilitator for Members to easily do business with each other. Exchanges have been created across the country for over 50 years. In 1982 Congress passed the TEFRA Act which put Trade Exchanges on par with other 3rd party record keepers, such as Banks and Credit Card Companies in which financial activity is reported on 1099b forms. Even if your company has only used a Bank, Credit Union or a Credit Card Company, Trade Exchanges are working for their members and are here to stay!
A Trade Exchange helps Business Members to increase their cash flow and improve productivity by using its own currency and also Federal Reserve currency, to develop and expand Business.
Members can list their Products and Services for part regular currency and part Credit Dollars. Members collect their variable cost of doing this new business in cash, credit card or checks and take the markup in Credit Dollars rather than not receiving this new, extra business. The buyers go out of their way to purchase what they need from other Members because they save a lot of cash by using Credit Dollars to pay the Markup Cost of their Purchases instead of all cash. The Exchange charges a 10% transaction fee when members spend their Credit Dollars. There is no fee charged when making Credit Dollar sales. Transactions are done similar to Credit Card transactions, with a monthly statement.
Our Trade Exchange is unique to other Trade Exchanges because we allow the seller to collect their Variable Cost of doing business in Federal Reserve currency and receive their markup in Enhanced Networking currency called “Credit Dollars”. None of our businesses have any cash tied up in their Credit Dollars. Unlike Barter, Credit Dollars can be spent, like cash, with other businesses both inside (and outside) of the Exchange. Or be converted into cash dollar for dollar through our Enhanced Networking Referral Group. There is no need for our members to go on hold, or over charge each other. We are no longer charging a membership or monthly service fee. So now is the time to give us a try! Please sign up online at your convenience. You can quit the Exchange at any time if you wish.
Our Trade Exchange has been enhanced with the incorporation of our own Networking Referral Group. This allows members to refer cash business to each other and to get paid for doing so.
Variable Cost – The costs of a small increase of new/extra business. Some Variable costs are Sales Tax, Cost of goods sold, Outsourcingand Sales Commissions.

Al Cochran is the President of International Trade Exchange, Ltd. DBA EnhancedNetworking.com. After his honorable discharge from the US Army, he was president of Cochran Management Servces, an insurance and investment firm, until he started the International Trade Exchange in 1982. He received his degree in Sales & Marketing from St. Louis Community College-Meramec. He lives in Shrewsbury, Missouri.

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