Twelve Helpful Tips for Enjoying the Holidays During a Global Pandemic

Twelve  Helpful Tips for Enjoying the Holidays During a Global Pandemic

We found a way to do passover seders, easter, birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, graduations and so many other celebrations, in a different way over the last eight months. We now face the 2020 holidays, and the virus is hot. I have compiled a few tips, from wisdom found in articles, podcasts, etc, along with my own wisdom as a Mind, Body and Spirit Life Coach.
Navigating Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday for Americans. Normally, flights are booked well in advance, but that will not be the case this year. The roads will have more traffic, as many people are driving to see relatives on this day. Others, are not seeing family members in person. Studies indicate that the virus is 10 or more times easier to transmit when people are inside, versus outside. Be safe, and enjoy the following tips!
Tip #1: Be open to experiencing the holidays in a whole new way. This would be a good year to start new traditions. Be creative, and have fun. It is o.k. to do things differently, and let more people help.
Tip #2: The CDC suggests choosing outdoor gatherings over indoors. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, keep the gathering time short, and small. Take into account if guests are traveling from a state with very high virus numbers. It might not be the best year to have them as a guest, or they may need to have a CoVid test upon arrival. Common sense is needed.
Tip #3: If you do fly, it is recommended to wear your mask, and pick an airline that is keeping the middle seat open, if possible. Travel during non peak times, evening preferably, and choose a window seat at the back of the plane, so that there are less people that pass your seat.
Tip #4: If you are driving, it is safer, but it is suggested that you bring your own food. It is enough of a challenge to navigate rest stops, gas stations, etc, and cleaning all with hand sanitizer and wipes. The less stops that you have to make, the better, during a pandemic. Many people are driving straight through, sharing the driving with another person when possible, to avoid stopping in hotels. Having food and beverages with you, will help you stay alert, and be prepared.
Tip#5: If you are hosting a holiday gathering, this is the year for using paper plates and plastic eating utensils. Each person bringing a dish, should wash their own dish after the meal. It is recommended to not pass the dishes or utensils. Buffet style, using your own fresh, unused utensils, is probably the best approach.
Tip#6: Dine together virtually, and/or send food as a Thanksgiving gift. This is the perfect year to give yourself permission to order some ready-made dishes from local restaurants, to lighten your load with cooking. Pre-cooked sides from the grocery store will work as well, but there is something very special about delicious sides from professional chefs. allows you order delicious dishes, and pumpkin pie, from great restaurants all over the country.
Tip#7: Send a gift of a turkey by mail. There are smoked turkeys, Amish-raised apple- and cherry wood smoked turkeys, etc available online that can be shipped as a gift. Turkey is fully cooked, simply preheat.
Tip#8: Create a virtual dessert and coffee ZOOM with family members. Zoom is free for the first 40 minutes, and then there is a charge if you go past that time. Be open to new ways of connecting.
Tip #9: Less is More, according to the wisdom of Feng Shui. Allow yourself to do things in a less stressful way. With smaller gatherings, the host/hostess have more “to do” on their plate. Make dishes ahead, and cook them in the crockpot the day of Thanksgiving. If you have always baked your pies, try purchasing them from a fabulous bakery or restaurant. Let it be Easy, and Fun.
Tip#10: Send yourself flowers for your Thanksgiving table. Select something that is rich in jewel tones that creates beauty and a feeling of abundance.
Tip#11: Fresh air is important from a Feng Shui and pandemic standpoint. Opening the windows and letting stale air out, and inviting in new fresh air, is always helpful for better health. When the meal is over, clear out the home, opening the windows, and take a nice long walk together, wearing masks. We now know that if someone coughs or sneezes, the droplets travel far. Wear your mask when outside.
Tip#12: Diffuse aromatherapy to cleanse and purify the air in your home. Peppermint oil opens the lungs, and reduces stress. Lemon/Citrus oil cleanses and purifies. Thieves oil boosts the immune system, increases respiratory health, and is an antimicrobial. Orange is an antimicrobial and reduces anxiety and depression.

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Cynde Meyer is a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Radio Show Host, Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, Real Estate Agent, Feng Shui Consultant and Space Clearer. She offers remote clearings and energy balancing sessions. She is the founder and publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine, an inspiring 24 year old monthly magazine for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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