Enter a Journey of Self-Discovery and Awareness with the Spirit Animal Oracle

Enter a Journey of Self-Discovery and Awareness  with the Spirit Animal Oracle

Hillsboro, Oregon: For thousands of years, spirit animals have been sought after for guidance, awareness, self-discovery, and more. Composed of incredibly diverse and extraordinary talents, the animal kingdom can provide energies and truths beyond the physical. French shaman and author Frédéric Calendini invites you to awaken your spirit animal and harness nature’s greatest powers—now accessible right at your hands.
The Spirit Animal Oracle includes 48 beautifully illustrated
cards, each offering a different activation from an animal advisor with in-depth, accompanying guidebook.
Call upon the:
rhinof or protection
buffalo for gratitude
bear for caring
spider for creativity
Whether you’re looking for daily inspiration or extraordinary insights, let these wise and powerful guides help you access deeper reflections and awareness on your own journey of self-discovery.

About the Author
Frédéric Calendini is a French shaman, author, and entrepreneur. In 2009, after a personal crisis that led him to profound questioning, he went to meet the shamans of the Amazon. Since then, he has continued to study and work with these ancient traditions. He also offers therapeutic counseling and shamanic healings. As a former IT manager, he founded Indie Goes Software, an initiative to bring together authors from around the world to share their positive energy and wisdom through a rich collection of mobile applications
For more about Frédéric Calendini, visit: www.fredericcalendini.com/.

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