ACUPUNCTURE: Traditional Chinese healing technique based on Taoist philosophy. It can be administered by using needles, low-voltage electric current (electro acupuncture), or pinpoint massage (acupressure). Acupuncturists strive to encourage proper circulation of energy, called qi (pronounced {chee}) by inserting very fine needles into acupoints on the body`s surface in order to influence physiological function of the body. Good health is the result of balanced, freely-flowing qi, while illness results from sluggish, blocked, or over-stimulated qi. As internal harmony is achieved, the body`s natural ability to heal itself, relieve pain and stress, and improve internal regulatory systems is engaged.

ADVANCED SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING : Divinely guided for the most clarity, direction and healing. We work from your unique Divine plan to assist you on all levels of your evolutionary path.

BLISS System : BLISS supports healing, awakening, renewal, and purposeful creation.

CHIROPRACTIC : The nervous system plays a major role in maintaining a state of balance and optimal health. Through manual manipulation of bones and associated muscles and joints (particularly of the spine and extremities) a Doctor of Chiropractic will work to detect and correct subluxations (misalignments of bone, or aberrant joint mechanics), restoring the flow of nerve impulses throughout the body and improving the function of the neuromusculo-skeletal system.

CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY : The CranioSacral System is a closed hydraulic physiological system consisting of the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, cranial dural membrane, cranial bones and sacrum. A CranioSacral therapist will endeavor to detect and correct subtle imbalances through gentle, hands-on manipulation. Treatment that focuses on the connection between the skull and the base of the spine along the spinal column. The therapist’s palpitations in those areas are said to release blockages in the circulation of the cerebralspinal fluid and allow it to flow more freely.

ENERGY HEALING TECHNIQUES : The various modalities changes stuck or traumatized patterns that are held in our energy field. Helps with the coordination of body, mind and spirit; very helpful for releasing stress and restoring balance.

FENG SHUI : A Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it; also, orientation, placement, or arrangement according to the precepts of feng shui.

HEALING TOUCH : Developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, Healing Touch is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing. Healing Touch uses touch to influence the energy system, thus affecting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, as well as healing. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system to help the person to self-heal. The quality and impact of the healing is influenced by the relationship between the giver and receiver. Bruce at Hands For Health is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.

MASSAGE THERAPY : Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being.

REIKI : Japanese healing technique in which practitioners use their hands to bring energy into the body for deep relaxation and wellbeing. Reiki® (pronounced “raykey”) is a system of natural healing based on symbols (keys) that provide access to universal life force energy. Once attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher, this energy flows through his/her hands during a Reiki treatment to help balance energy and reduce the effects of stress. By the use of symbols, this energy can also be directed through time and space, allowing treatments to be given to a person not physically present. Reiki may also be directed to heal the past, or into the future

REIKI MASSAGE : Reiki massage combines therapeutic massage techniques with the subtle power of Reiki for a fully integrated experience.

SOUND THERAPY : Using the media of sound (music, tones, vibrations, etc.) as tools for healing, sound therapy enables the realignment of natural body rhythms. Therapy may include, but is not limited to, the use of crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, acutonic tuning forks, rattles, and drums.

SPACE CLEARING : The feng shui art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings. It’s as essential to the energetic maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.

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