Unlimited Potential: Available to Everyone

Unlimited Potential: Available to Everyone

Now more than ever we need to turn to all the resources available to us to consciously create a new destiny for ourselves and our planet. Each and every one of us has the power to realize our unlimited potential. We all have a sacred agreement with the Divine that clearly outlines our Soul’s Purpose and the unique life path, or career, we choose in this lifetime to fulfill that purpose.
For as long as I can remember, angels have been part of my daily life. As a child, I felt and saw them in my imagination and called on their help whenever I was afraid or needed guidance. It was normal to imagine an angel, or a group of angels, surrounding me while I slept, ate, walked to school, took tests, and all the things we do as children. This foundation of knowing that everyday angels were always available and at my side has helped me to have a much happier and spiritual life. These core beliefs, established in childhood, are important factors in the spiritually-focused woman I have become.
When we are overshadowed by fear and anxieties, it often feels difficult to connect with angels and guides. Talk with your angels and use your imagination. Hold a gemstone and inhale some aromatherapy around you as you connect. Even if you feel like you are ‘making it up.’ Talking with angels is easy. Simply imagine their energy standing or sitting near you as they listen to what you are feeling, fearing, and hoping. Use your imagination and activate your ability to make believe. Hold a gemstone and inhale an aroma to amplify the angelic interaction experience. Then, tell the angels how you would like their help and support. Be as clear and specific as possible then consider adding this statement, “May this or something better become manifest reality.” Angels aren’t able to intervene until you specifically request their help.

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Serina Aramaki is the Director of Production and Distribution for HS Productions’ “The Real Exorcist”, an award-winning film about a café waitress who works on the side to help save people’s souls. Leading the box office in Japan for five consecutive weeks, the film has won 46 awards from 7 countries to date. It is scheduled to open in select theaters in North America on August 7, 2020 and will be available on VOD September 1st. Find out more at https://realexorcistmovie.com/

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